Lungenarzt-Zentrum Mannheim · Frankfurt

Mannheimer Kinder-Asthma-Zentrum - Welcome

Be treated here only toddlers, school children, teenagers with the following illnesses or symptoms: cough, breathing noises, mucilage, frequent respiratory infections, obstructive bronchitis, eczema, asthma or suspected.

Offered Diagnostics:
Detailed medical admissions interview with physical examination, pulmonary function testing (large) from about the 2/3 Methacholine provocation from the age of approximately 2/3 Age NO measurement as 5 years of x-ray-U.

Additional features:
prevention courses: children sports asthma group, children's respiratory therapy group
patient education: infection management, immunotherapy in allergic asthma, Naturopathy in susceptibility to infection, parents / children asthma training


  • Physicians
    • Dr. med. Anne-Kathrin Auracher (Pneumologin)
    • Michael Backof (Pneumologe)
  • Staff
    • Manuela Krück (pneumologische Fachassistentin
    • Nadine Karschits (medizinische Fachangestellte)
    • Monique Pliefke (Ausbildung zur med. Fachangestellten


  • Ear, nose and throat doctors
    • Prof. Dr. med. Frank Riedel (HNO-Zentrum)
    • Prof. Dr. med. K. Hörmann (UMM)
    • Dres. med. Limbeck & Ziegelmüller (Mannheim)
  • Pediatricians
    • Dr. med. Andreas Riedel (Limburgerhof)
    • Kinderklinik des Uniklinikum Mannheim
    • Klinikum Worms, Dr. med. Frank Nöh
    • Dr. med. Peter Ahrens (Darmstadt)
  • Radiologists
    • Dr. med. Karin Post (Diakonie Mannheim)
    • Kinderklinik des Uniklinikum Mannheim
    • Bronchoscopy (pH-Metrie /  Zilienfunktionsdiagnostik):
    • Klinikum Worms, Dr. med. Frank Nöh
  • Rehabilitation Clinic
    • Stiftung Hochgebirgsklinik Davos in Davos-Wolfgang